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The best way to manage your Community Emergency Response Team.

Community Emergency Response Teams, whether formally organized or not, can securely share contact information, resources, and event details easily online with CERTLocal.org.

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What is CERTLocal?


Connect with fellow CERT members in your community, county, or state.


Communicate, contact, and message CERT members on your team.


Organize fellow CERT members to plan meetings, host trainings, and mobilize.


Manage directories of teams, communities, and county CERT members and trainees.

Custom Team Maps

Members of CERTLocal can customize team maps to include points-of-interest unique to their team. Members can add rally points, schools, fire/police stations, and much more.


Each member of CERTLocal sets his/her own custom privacy level to decide how much or how little information to share fellow CERTLocal users. Members can share information with only their team, their community, their county, or open up access to larger audience.