In 2013 I took my basic CERT training from Fairfax County, Virginia. Within a few years I became a team lead for my local zip code team; helping organize and promote CERT throughout my neighborhood and around the county.

One thing became clear over the years, CERT teams lacked good tools to help them organization. CERTLocal was born in 2016 to solve that problem. The initial focus was on an easy-to-use mapping tool to see where team members reside and plot key points of interest in a neighborhood (e.g. rally points, schools, hospitals, etc.). The application has since evolved to include team directories, discussion boards, and an entire area for ham/amateur radio operators.

Over the course of 2018 I transitioned my team lead duties to a fellow CERT member and my interests shifted away from CERT. I now stay in touch with CERT activities in my area; however, am no longer a highly active member. My shift in interests led to shutting down CERTLocal.org in December 2018. In early 2019 I began to ready the site and application for sale and have recently made it publicly available for purchase.

Market Size

FEMA maintains a list of over 2700 registered CERT programs including contact information (name, email, phone, and postal address). This listing spans across all 50 states including many tribal areas in the United States. This website is a great source for potential customers.

What's Included in the Sale?

Landing Page (certlocal.org)
  • Home page, How It Works, Pricing, and About pages.
  • HTML/CSS with minor PHP.
  • Theme Based on Bootstrap 3.3.7 framework.
  • Responsive design.
  • FontAwesome 5.1.0 icons.
Application (app.certlocal.org)
  • Ruby on Rails Application (Rails 4.x).
  • MySQL Database (using migrations).
  • Primary Gems:
    • geocoder: I used Geocod.io for geocoding. Plugin allows for multiple geocoding services.
    • leaflet-rails: for maps.
    • devise: user registration, login, passwords, etc.
    • stripe: for payment processing.
    • redis: background job management.
  • Application ran on staging and production instances on Heroku. Can be transfered upon request. Heroku add-ons:
    • rollbar: error monitoring.
    • SendGrid: email processing.
    • ClearDB MySQL: database.
    • Redis To Go: redis management.
    • Scheduler: for scheduling cron billing tasks.
  • certlocal.org
  • certlocal.com
Github Repos
  • Landing page repo.
  • Application repo.


The admin area allows the site admin to manage teams, see basic stats across the site, and configure various pricing-related items (pricing tiers, number of teams per pricing tier, etc.).

Individual users have full control over their privacy by limited the amount of content shared and the extent by which it's shared out beyond their team.

The application has a SaaS integration with Stripe that was fully developed and is live on the staging instance; however, never deployed to production. The application allows for quick changes in pricing and also discount codes to be utilized -- all natively in the admin panel.

The application could easily be re-purposed or white listed for other membership sites with a geospatial tie to them.

I never ran any ads for CERTLocal, retargeting pixels, etc.

This is a sale of the assets noted above.


Monthly Expenses: $7.00 (Heroku costs).
Annual Expenses: $30.84 (domains).

CERTLocal was pre-revenue.

Purchase Information

For additional information or to purchase, contact:
Matthew Vanden Boogart
Founder & CEO

For additional information or to purchase, contact:
Matthew Vanden Boogart
Founder & CEO